Hurricane Matthew ripped through southwestern Haiti and Cuba as a Category 4 hurricane, leaving communities and villages decimated...  


In response,
 many people across the U.S. and Canada came together to pray and donate to meet immediate needs.  But families are still struggling:

Food is still scarce and hunger continues to be a daily problem in southwestern Haiti. The people are desperate and assistance has been limited.  Fear and darkness have descended on these communities and hold them captive. 

Make-shift houses are going up, but they're constructed of sticks, tarps, and any materials that families can salvage.  These shelters will surely collapse in the next storm.


ou can tangibly express God's love to

help Haiti rebuild and draw families closer to Christ: 

You can be His hands and feet to provide not a house, but home...not a meal, but nourishment for the soul...your gift is more than a donation: it's changing the trajectory of a life.

I'm putting my love for Haiti into action: here's my donation

protect a family ~ nurture recovery ~ develop dignity


Read more about relief efforts immediately following the hurricane


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International Giving:
If you're from Canada, you can donate through Lifeline - Canada.