Quarter Back Challenge

It's a sweet challenge to ship donated food, ministry supplies, disaster relief items, medical supplies and more to people in need around the world!

Why Quarters?!?!

It's simple math: 1 quarter ships 1 pound of relief and ministry supplies...much needed items like food, medical supplies, relief items and more.  Lifeline's shipping warehouse is filled with donated food, relief and ministry supplies that need shipped to Haiti for those who need it most. And that's where you can make a difference!

 With each 40,000 quarters ($10,000) collected, we can ship out an entire container (40,000 pounds) of ministry supplies to Haiti!

And, just so you know, 56 quarters ($14) fills 1 tube!

I've got a tube!  Now what?!

1. Eat the M&M’s®

2. Collect quarters to fill the tube

3. Donate your collected money at Lifeline's "Tube Turn In" donation site

4. Repeat!

Thank you for partnering with Lifeline to make a difference!

Bring the QuarterBack Challenge to your group!

If 30 groups fill 24 tubes each, then we can ship an entire container of relief supplies to Haiti!

1) Order your kits

Register below for the number of kits you need.  1 kit includes: 24 M&M® Mini tubes, labels, instructions & more!

Donate $24 per Quarter Back Challenge Kit that you order (donate online or mail a check to Lifeline). Order as many kits as you need!

2) Distribute

Distribute the tubes to your youth/church/community or sell the tubes for $1 per tube (and you recoup the $24 per kit that you ordered)

3) Collect & Count

After you enjoy the candy, fill those empty tubes with quarters!

4) Donate

Donate your collected money at Lifeline's "Tube Turn In" donation site for the total amount collected or mail a check to Lifeline.

5) Repeat the challenge...if you're up to it!


Donate to Lifeline's ministry

at our secure online giving site. 

International Giving:
If you're from Canada, you can donate through Lifeline - Canada.