Gift Suggestions

Gift suggestions for sponsors of children in Haiti & Honduras


Balls, cars/trucks, dolls/clothing, dominoes, flutes, hand-held games, harmonicas, jacks, jump ropes, kites & string, magic slates, marbles, modeling clay, play dishes, puzzles, soccer balls

School Items

Book bag, chalk & chalkboard (small), colored pencils, coloring books, crayons, English/French (Haiti) or English/Spanish (Honduras) dictionary, erasers, flash cards, glue, lunch boxes, markers, notebooks, pencil sharpeners, pencils, pens, plastic bowl & lid for lunch (large), rulers, scissors, large spoon for lunch, water paints

Household items

Tablespoons (they eat most of their food with spoons); dish towels; pot holders; ladle (long handled); small thrown rugs to put beside their beds; bath towels; twin bed sheets & mattress cover; shower curtain that can be used as either a divider between the rooms or as a curtain at their doors (include shower curtain rings); scrubbers for cleaning pots and pans


Canned meat, clothing (details follow), hair brushes, bows/barrettes, jewelry (pierced ears), mirrors, peanut butter, perfumes & powders, photo albums, sewing kits (small), soap (antibacterial), stationery (small), t-shirts (Christian themes), toothbrush & paste, vitamins (children & infant), wallets, watches

 *Note: Include extra batteries for toys requiring batteries.


Please package the following gift items in plastic, zip-top bags:

- All liquids, such as shampoo, bubble blow, etc
- “Pop top” type cans of meat, etc. (“Pop tops” can explode.)

These items can leak, soil and ruin gifts if not securely packaged.


Do Not Send:

- Anything in glass jars
- Toy weapons or toys of violent nature (guns, knives, squirt guns, etc.)
- Combustible items, such aslighters, matches, explosives of any type
- Chocolate (of any type) or things that will melt
- Books or games that require English to play or read; Haitian & Honduran children do not speak English.  Send books in Spanish (Honduras) or French (Haiti) or Haitian Creole (Haiti; Creole books are hard to find!).
- Books need to be non-violent, educational or spiritually enriching and wholesome in their content.

Clothing: Types & Sizes

All types of summer clothing are needed: shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, shoes, socks and underwear.  Please note: Girls do not wear slacks or shorts; it is the custom for girls to wear knee-length skirts. And remember, it is summer year-round in Haiti & Honduras and most people do not have electricity in their homes. 

A “rule of thumb” is to buy the same size as the child’s age until they reach the age of 15.  Children who receive gifts for the July/Christmas deadline are measured, and the measurements are available online, in the event you wish to send clothing or shoes as gifts.


Cash Gifts to Child

Additional funds for your child and/or their family can be given directly to your child as a cash gift; the suggested amount is $25 - $100 (U.S.) per gift deadline.  This money helps the family pay for the child’s basic needs.  These extra cash gifts are over and above your Basic Child Sponsorship and do not go toward administration or other Lifeline programs; the funds are given to your child in their foreign currency at the current exchange rate.

The cash gift is given at the same time the other gifts are distributed.  Cash gifts are given to the parents who must sign that they have received the money.  A photo of your child (and sometimes with the parent or responsible adult) is taken at the time money and all other gifts are given. 

Simply include the additional amount with your regular sponsorship contribution; there is no need for a separate check.  Include a note or use the Lifeline contribution envelope to state how the additional donations are to be used. 

Please note: A foreign currency exchange and processing fee will apply and will be deducted from the cash contribution.  And please pay by check or EFT only; not by credit card.