Sending Gifts

Please note: Sending gifts is an optional benefit that many sponsors enjoy.  You are not obligated to send gifts or correspond with your sponsored child in Haiti, Honduras, or Navajo Nation.

Important changes for 2017:

Gift Deadlines: Gifts may be sent 2 times per year: January-February and July-August (Christmas deadline).   You have the entire 2 months to submit gifts.

Gift Quantities: You can send 1 gift per child per gift deadline.

Gift Processing Fee: $10 per gift

Wonder why these changes are being made? Read more

Sending Gifts to Children in Haiti & Honduras

Children in Haiti or Honduras do not customarily receive gifts for their birthday or Christmas, so if you choose to send a gift, do not be concerned about the timing; it is never too early or too late.

Due to the time factor in processing and shipping gifts to Haiti and Honduras, clearing customs, and scheduling staff to distribute the gifts, it will take a minimum of 6 months for your child to receive their gifts. 

How to prepare & mail your gift package

Here are the most effective and efficient ways you can prepare and send your gifts:

Size Limits for Gift Packages

The maximum size for packages is 14” x 11” x 6”.  You may use shoeboxes, small plastic containers or backpacks (cannot exceed size limit with contents). 


Gather your gifts and your gift package.  Please do not include any of the following in your gift:

        • Items on the Do Not Send list (refer to your handbook)
        • Money for your sponsored child
        • Your personal information, such as your phone number or email address 

Condense, condense, condense!

As you place the items in your shoe box/container/backpack, discard ALL of the extra packing materials that the items came in. For example: remove pens & markers from original packaging and slip them into a plastic, zip-top bag. Remove & discard the cardboard packaging from toys.

Our goal is to send as little excess material with the gifts as possible, so that the trash doesn’t end up in the streets and waterways of your sponsored child’s hometown.  It also gives you extra room to tuck in more goodies!


Repackage anything that could leak, spill or melt in plastic, zip-top bags:

        • All liquids, such as shampoo, bubble blow, etc
        • “Pop top” type cans of meat, etc. (“pop tops” can explode.)
        • Toothpaste, bar soap, crayons, markers, pens, etc

These zip-top bags are also a great, usable item for your child and their family!


Include the following on the outside and inside of each gift package:

        • Child's complete name & Child’s school ID number (found on your child’s photo card)
        • Sponsor Name & Account Number (AN) (located on the cover letter and on Lifeline provided contribution envelopes)

Include your $10 Processing fee*

When you submit your gift, please include $10 per gift to assist in the costs of processing, shipping, transportation, and photography services.  Simply complete the form with your contribution envelope and include it inside the envelope with your $10 processing fee (check made out to "Lifeline Christian Mission"). Then affix a contribution envelope to the outside of the package.

Note: Do not gift wrap your packages since all gifts are opened, inspected and repackaged prior to shipping to your child.


Mail or drop off your child’s gift to Lifeline Christian Mission, 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 104, Westerville, Ohio 43081

Note: Lifeline inspects packages (for breakage, spills and appropriateness), condenses the packaging, and then repackages the gifts with the child's identifying information. 


Sending Gifts to Navajo Children

You may send gift packages via U.S. mail, UPS or FedEx:

Red Sands Christian Church & School
229 State Route 99
Winslow, AZ 86047

Please include the following on the outside and inside of each gift package:

- Your child's complete name & child’s school ID number 
- Your sponsor name & AN (account number)

Send the $10 gift package processing fee:

For each gift package sent, there is a $10 per shoebox-size/quantity gift processing fee to assist in gift processing, photographer, and the time associated with gift distribution, photo identification, and more.

Please mail a check for $10 per package to Lifeline’s Ohio office (not to Arizona): Lifeline Christian Mission, 921 Eastwind Drive, Suite 104, Westerville, Ohio 43081


Important: Before you send gifts, your sponsorship contributions must be up-to-date.

- To be eligible to send gifts, sponsors must be listed as the child's current sponsor and be current in their sponsorship contributions.
- People may not send gifts to children that are sponsored by someone else.