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January 2017

Home.  That simple word evokes a lot of emotion.  It takes us back to laughter with loved ones, holiday celebrations, and cherished memories.  Yet for many families in Haiti, a home is an unsafe structure made of salvaged materials or sticks with hardened mud that can easily collapse in tropical storms.  Since 2003, you’ve had the opportunity to provide Haitian families a safe, secure home through Lifeline’s Homes ministry.  Over 921 homes have been constructed, with 58 homes already on the 2017 construction calendar.  We invite you to pray over this ministry...

Prayer requests:

In October 2016, Hurricane Mathew hit Haiti with a force that they haven’t experienced since 1964.  Southwestern Haiti received the brunt of the full force of the winds and rain with 1.125 million people adversely affected: homes were destroyed, animals and crops lost, and over 1.4 million people were in need of humanitarian aid.  Nationwide, around 200,000 homes were destroyed. (source) At Lifeline we began immediate food distribution and now the focus is also turning towards rebuilding.  We will be working with an established ministry partner in the Port Salut area to assist with the rebuilding.  Pray for the Haitian people, as they continue to try to get their feet back on the ground.  Pray for workers who are willing to learn a new trade and become part of the homebuilding crews.  Pray for Lifeline’s partnership with our ministry partner; that many Haitians will be blessed because of it.

Pray for the Haitian families who are on the waiting list to receive a home.  It’s simply unbelievable to see the structures these families are currently living in...and sometimes it’s extended families or multiple generations living together.  Health issues can also be a exacerbated by these living conditions, especially for the children. While these families wait for a home, pray for safety through the storms and their health.  

Pray for donors with compassionate hearts who are moved to purchase a home for a Haitian family.  There is an opportunity to bless countless families, and we are only limited by the financial resources to build them. Gretchen, who oversees the homes ministry, shares:

“While I spend much time in Haiti, I was not prepared for what I saw in the communities we went into following Hurricane Matthew.  Their greatest need was of adequate housing.  While a lot of wind damage occurred, what jumped out at me was the terrible living conditions of thousands of people, existing even before the hurricane.  We traveled around the community talking with families and taking photos. We were approached from all angles by people asking for homes.  It was  heart-wrenching.  Many of these families I have known for decades, yet never realized how great their need was.  It hit me that we have not gotten the job done.  These families are the poorest of poor who in their lifetime will never have the money to build their own homes.  God has called us to meet that need in His name.

We prayed with families, encouraged them and took names, recording what their great needs are.  It became more and more evident that if these people could have a home that was secure, strong, safe, weather proof and healthy, it would remove a huge life-long burden from their shoulders.  Food, water, health care are ongoing needs that Lifeline is also addressing, but the one permanent thing we can do is provide a home for life and also provide them hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus!”

Pray for our staff: our Haitian construction crews, the Haitians who assist with the ministry, Gretchen, and Mark & Julie, as they begin to take active roles within the homes ministry.   

Pray for the future of the homes ministry in Haiti.  What is amazing is that the ministry has not saturated the community in Haiti!  Due to natural disasters and economic struggles, the opportunity to provide Haitian families safe, adequate housing has increased.  Our hope is to construct 200 homes in 2017.

Pray for God-sized dreams for the homes ministry.  Pray for faith to follow where He leads.


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