ABC food ministry

This highly nutritious, quick cooking, easy packaging food was developed to address worldwide hunger and starvation.

ABC (All Because of Christ) food packing events are exciting opportunities for your church or organization that provide a meaningful, hands-on project for all ages. You will literally feed thousands of hungry and starving children through this project!

Lifeline Christian Mission's food distribution in Grand Goave Haiti; special thanks to Southland Christian Church, KY.

What are ABC food events?

At ABC food events, participants package a nutritious food that is shipped to Haiti and around the world where starvation and malnutrition are rampant.

Participants can package, weigh, seal, and/or box up the finished product to prepare for shipment. Young and the young-at-heart can work together!

Participants donate or raise money for each packaging session worked to cover the cost of the food, bags, boxes, and shipping costs.

Host your own ABC food event!

Engage your church or organization: host your own event at your site!

How many meals can we package?
The number of meals packaged are determined by the number of volunteers, the length of time worked, and the total funds raise; these three factors impact how many meals you can complete. For example: one pallet of 14,000 meals takes about 50 people 2 hours to complete. (20 pallets = 1 full container)

What does our church/organization provide?
Participants for set up, packaging & clean up; promotion in your church/community/organization; finances; location; tables; and electricity.

What does Lifeline Christian Mission provide?
Promotional materials, a Lifeline staff member or trained volunteer the day of the event, food & packaging materials, equipment, and shipping the food.

Learn more!
Please complete our ABC food online form to give us an idea of the scope of your event.  We will contact you with additional details.

ABC food events at Lifeline

Lifeline will occasionally host meal packaging events. In this case you simply pay the registration fee and bring your group.

Did you know?

  • The ABC food is a specially formulated, fast cooking rice based combination of vitamins, soy, dehydrated vegetables and other nutrients that provide in one serving about 75% of a child's daily requirement for a healthy diet. These meals are served daily in Lifeline's Christian schools and nutrition programs.
  • Approximately 300 meals can be packaged in 2 hours per participant.
  • A full container contains almost 300,000 meals, which is 1320 boxes of food. Each box contains 36 bags and each bag serves approximately 6 servings. Each container weighs 40,000 pounds.
  • Approximately 70% of Haiti's population is undernourished to some degree with infants and children suffering most.
  • Once the food is packaged, the boxes are taken to Lifeline's warehouse and then shipped to Haiti in 40-foot containers. The container is cleared by Haitian customs and then released to Lifeline's staff. Lifeline is a recognized mission organization in Haiti with a government granted franchise that qualifies for duty free status.
  • Lifeline partners with many organizations, such as Kids Against Hunger, Meals from the Heartland, Outreach International, Impact Lives, Stop Hunger Now, and Food for Kidz, to distribute food in Haiti to over 50+ different missionaries and organizations. Lifeline also partners with other organizations to distribute the food around the world.

Promotional Materials

Download these posters and flyers/bulletin inserts for your upcoming food packing event:

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