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Your sponsorship of $40 per month per child* is giving your child hope beyond poverty and is planting the seeds of Jesus' love!  Your donations provide the life impacting benefits included in the sponsorship program


Set up automatic, monthly sponsorship donations

For your convenience, you can have your sponsorship automatically donated each month* through your credit card or bank account.  

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Sponsor a new child

Start here, if you are sponsoring a new child with your first sponsorship contribution*.

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Assist a child who is waiting for a sponsor

Your donation provides stability for a child who is waiting for a sponsor.  You enable them to receive their life-saving program benefits, such as healthy foods to combat malnutrition, a Christian education to provide hope beyond poverty, and/or a church family to support their spiritual growth, while they wait for a sponsor.  

Help a child who is still waiting

*Please note that child sponsorship has moved to $40 per month per child, effective January 2017.  Read more