Bible Institutes

The Bible Institute was created to meet the needs of the church, to strengthen leadership, and to support the growth of new churches throughout Central America.

The Bible Institutes provide an opportunity for youth and adults in Lifeline's local congregations to develop the leadership skills that God has given them, to help them use the potential that God has given them and offer a place where they can develop it.

Students participate in a two or four-year program in El Salvador and Honduras. The two year program focuses on church leadership; it is a whole Bible overview/study, and includes other subjects such as English, computer, music, art, homiletics, and others. A four-year program is also available for those who want to dedicate their lives to the ministry, offering more intensive subjects such as theology, philosophy, history, and more.

Lifeline's congregations throughout Central America provide a place where the students practice what they learn in classes. Most of our students work, so classes are held in the evenings for the convenience of the students.

The Bible Institutes are supported by qualified teachers that help us to reach our goals. Each of them has a very deep commitment to serving God and to the expansion of the Kingdom of God with excellence.

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