Children's Homes

Lifeline's Children's Homes are truly "homes" in the fullest sense of the word. The children are loved, cared for, taught, nurtured, disciplined, and raised like our own children by dedicated house parents.  The children are educated at a local Lifeline Christian school (or other Christian School) and are involved in a nearby Lifeline church because we want each child to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.

These homes are not orphanages because many, if not most of the children, are not orphans; they come from circumstances beyond what some of us could even imagine. 

Currently, Lifeline has 3 Children's Homes - two in Haiti and another in Honduras.

Haiti: Mahotiere Children's Home (Port au Prince) &
Grand-Goâve Children's Home
In Haiti, most children are placed in our home because they are one-parent orphans, or the family is so large that the child is not getting sufficient nutrition, or sometimes (but not often) they are abandoned.  In Haiti, a child can be left on our doorstep and be accepted into the home.

Construction at the Children's Home at Lifeline's main Grand Goave campus in Haiti began in May 2012 and is nearly ready for the children to move in! Once completed, 76 Haitian boys and girls will call this their new home!

Honduras: Omoa Children's Home
The girls are placed in the home by the Honduran courts: some are abandoned, a parent might be in prison, their mother is a prostitute, the parent(s) have been killed or died, or the girl is born with disabilities and the family abandons them.  In Honduras, the government must place the children via the court system. There are strict rules and the court is so pleased with Lifeline's compliance and care of these precious children that they call us and ask us to take children in. 

You Can Help these Children!

- Sponsor a child!  Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 614-794-0108 to begin your sponsorship. Note: Since children at the home receive care 24/7, they may have up to five (5) sponsors so gather friends and family to sponsor a child together or fully sponsor a child individually!

Donate to the ongoing Children's Homes operations.  Just like your kids, the children living at the Children's Homes need food, clothing, bedding, medical care, shoes, school books/supplies, toiletries and so much more!  Your donation also assists with the day-to-day operations, staff, and upkeep and maintenance to provide a safe, loving home for these children.