Health Care Ministry

Offering healing to the body and soul

Physical health:
Each year, 25,000 children and adults are treated in Lifeline's 3 Christian health clinics in Haiti and Honduras.  Patients often travel on foot for miles due to the limited number of facilities and health care professionals. The ministry provides medical, dental and eye care to patients in need. Since many conditions are curable with treatment, this is a vital part of Lifeline's work and is only possible because of your support.

Patient education is an important factor in Lifeline’s clinics. Focused clinics teach nutrition; dental care; blood pressure and diabetes management; and much more.

Health care professionals are encouraged to join a mission trip to teach, treat, and minister to patients.

Spiritual health

Not only is treatment given for patients’ physical ailments, but spiritual “treatment” is also offered.  Each morning, clinic begins with devotions from God’s Word while the patients eagerly wait for a consultation.  And each patient is prayed with individually after they receive medical care.

Common Health Problems in Haiti & Honduras

The children are the hardest hit in these countries. Malnutrition, skin conditions, childhood diseases, parasites, respiratory problems, congenital defects, HIV/AIDS, injuries due to accidents, and other infectious illnesses are common. In Haiti, 25% of the children die before age 5 from preventable diseases!

Adults are frequently seen for anemia, pregnancy, asthma, gastro-intestinal disturbances, infections, tuberculosis, hypertension, headaches, sinus and upper respiratory infections, acute dental problems, and much more.

Additionally, due to the tropical climate, diseases such as typhoid, malaria, yellow fever, and other tropical illnesses are prevalent.

How You Can Help!

- Donate medical supplies; prescription and over the counter medicines; and equipment. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for needed items

- Go on a mission trip to Haiti or Honduras; health care professionals from all fields are needed to serve in the clinics.

Give a financial gift to maintain, update and develop future clinics

- Pray for clinic patients, health care staff, and mission trip workers

- Download & print the health care ministry brochure to share with others