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Making dreams a reality


These 21 graduating seniors are determined!  

Besides their dream of having a career in a field they love, their goal for a college education is not self serving: their families have made significant sacrifices to enable these students to attend and graduate high school.  These graduates want to financially give back to their families and make them proud.  

What motivates them to further their education?

At university, I will study dentistry. I am very interested in dental health and I love smiles. To be an expert in this is my dream, is my goal and I hope in God who will be my strength to not lose heart. I would like to help my parents because from what little they have, they have supported me.


The major I want to study at university is nursing, so that I am able to help my siblings with their studies so there is a better financial 
situation. First I want to have a bachelor's in nursing and then I would like to be a scrub nurse. I would like to study and work at the same time.


I would like to graduate as an industrial engineer, and when I accomplish this goal, not stop and continue studying to obtain a masters to be able to support my family.  Above all, I want to support my mother with all I can and to give her the best life because she has been there for me.


You can further their education by providing 

a $1200 university scholarship!

A scholarship takes the financial stress off the family and provides the student with textbooks, transportation, rent for housing near the college, and their meals.  
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