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On behalf of the people of Haiti...


God's love was tangible to the Haitian people

On behalf of the people of Haiti...

Last October, Hurricane Matthew tore through the Caribbean, with no mercy for southwestern Haiti.  High winds, heavy rainfall, and deadly tides wiped out everything in it's path: trees, homes, gardens, fields, and livestock.  Lifeline's primary campus and surrounding communities experienced some damage, but it was not as severe as other parts of Haiti, which allowed us to use our resources to help our communities and neighbors in southwestern Haiti.

As compassionate people came together to pray and donate, the people in Haiti were provided immediate assistance.  Your hurricane relief donations:

Met immediate needs.  Benevolence money was distributed to Cuban and Haitian families through Lifeline's local churches.  This enabled families to purchase food, medicines, and basic life necessities, which were lost in the hurricane.

Purchased local food (rice, beans, cooking oil, pasta).  Hundreds of families in Haiti received food to meet their immediate needs, which have been a lifeline to these families.

Shipped 12 containers to Haiti filled with supplies and 3+ million meals.  These important ministry supplies and meals brought hope and joy to the children and families!

Packaged meals.  Hundreds came together to package life-sustaining meals. As these nutritious, rice-based meals arrived in Haiti, they brought smiles and full bellies to thousands of families!  These meals will continue to sustain families until their gardens and crops can produce again.

Replaced or repaired roofs.  Families were given sheet metal to provide immediate and basic protection from the elements. 

Rebuilt and repaired churches and schools in southwestern Haiti to enable communities to move forward.  Relief teams have been working directly in our Torbeck & Laregal communities.

On behalf of the people of Haiti, we say thank you!  

Thank you for coming alongside them with your prayers and donations so that the Haitians didn't have to walk through this experience alone.  Thank you for providing hope when all seemed hopeless.  Thank you for stepping into the darkness to shine Christ's love. 

Your relief support was necessary and life giving to the Haitian people, yet it's time to shift to rebuilding and longterm solutions.  

Because temporary shelter and relief food distribution can only last so long... 


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