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School: it's more than an education...


God is busy at our schools transforming the lives of the students through their educational and spiritual development.  But He's also working through the school to impact individuals in the community...individuals like twenty-one year old Darleny who is trying to help her family of 14...

Darleny is the eldest of eight children, with the youngest being just two years old.  Her family moved to Ocotillo, Honduras six years ago for her stepfather's job; a watchman making $110 per month. 
 Meanwhile, her mother collects plastic at the garbage heap.  On a good day, she makes $3-4, which enables Darleny's mom to keep the children in school to give them the opportunity for better jobs and a better life.  Darleny's aunt and three children also live with them, bringing it to a total of 14 people living in the home.  

Darleny needed an open door to complete her school practicum, which would expand her opportunities to get a job to help her family.  She could have traveled all the way to San Pedro Sula, but a neighbor encouraged her to complete her school practicum at our Ocotillo Christian School, which was in her community.  She applied for the program, was accepted and, two months later, completed her school practicum.  

And the doors continued to open!  Once her practicum was completed, Darleny had the opportunity to step into the school secretary position at our Ocotillo school, due to the school secretary receiving a promotion.  Then, through her job as the secretary, God opened doors for her two year old sister to be treated at our clinic for severe nutritional issues. (She is presently doing well.)  Darleny was also invited to attend a Christian women's camp where she was introduced to a more complete picture of Jesus Christ, who He is as a Savior, and found a friend and counselor in Ana Sanchez.  Through each open door, God is inviting Darleny to draw closer to Him.

Today, Darleny is thankful for her position at the school and feels that Lifeline does an excellent job helping the children with opportunities for college and jobs.  She plans to attend university and study computers because she wants to help her family so her mother no longer needs to work in the trash heap.  Her prayer request is for the strength to continue on this path and not get distracted.  She also asks that you pray for her nineteen year old brother; he quit school in sixth grade and needs to straighten up his life, as he has squandered many opportunities.  

Darwyn, our Director of Schools in Honduras, shares that Darleny is an excellent secretary and employee.  Please join in him continuing to pray for Darleny: that she comes into the full knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ!

Thank you for praying and generously donating to Lifeline's ministries!  Because of your donations and prayers, God's love is going beyond the school, and, one by one, communities are being changed!


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