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Sponsors: Your gift photos are here!

special times with your sponsored child
Roseann meets her sponsored child for the first time!  
You may never know...

You never know what a small gift will do for your child.  To them, it may communicate provision, encouragement, and thoughtfulness.  But most importantly, your gift communicates the greatest of!

There was great anticipation when Roseann met her sponsored child, Michelove, for the first time.  To see Michelove color alongside Roseann
 (see picture above) was such a blessing to me. A sweet, simple gift - like a coloring book and crayons - brought these two together when language could not!  There's no other explanation for their joy other than that God was in this relationship from the start!

Thank you for pouring your love onto these children!  I can tell you from firsthand experience that these children feel provided for, encouraged, and thought of but, moreover, they feel loved!  
You are an extension of Christ's love and in each act of kindness, your faith is shared with these children.  

You just never know what a small gift will do for your child!

Lifeline's Sponsorship Development Director
kids with gifts
Haiti sponsors: your Christmas gifts have been delivered!  Now find your gift photos...

Did you send a gift for the July (Christmas) 2016 gift deadline?  They were delivered to your sponsored child in January 2017 and your gift photos are ready to view!

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Honduran girl
Honduras sponsors: the wait is almost over!

Your gifts sent for the July/Christmas 2016 gift deadline were delayed last fall due to customs issues with the Honduran government.  But the wait is almost over!  Your gifts will soon be delivered to your sponsored child.
child on scale
Look at how I've grown!

Haiti sponsors: if you sent a gift for the July/Christmas 2016 gift deadline, then your child was measured, which makes it easier for you when purchasing shoes or clothing for your child.  Remember to search for your child's measurements by using your account number (for example: AN12345)

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Navajo girl
Your gift photos

Are you looking for gift photos from past gift deadlines?  You can access your gift photos at any time with your account number.  Here are recent gift deadlines you may have missed:

smiling boy
You've put a smile on their face!

Thank you, sponsors, for putting a smile on your child's face...but more importantly, you're helping put Jesus in their hearts!

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