Tuesday, 14 February 2017 02:44

Last week, you saw the devastation on the video:  families in southwestern Haiti lost everything in Hurricane Matthew.  

Yet today, four months after the hurricane, homes are still in ruins and hopelessness surrounds these families.  Day-to-day living is a struggle.  These Haitian families may have survived the storm, but they've lost hope.

But their story doesn't have to end this way.  You can join others to rewrite a new ending to their story...


The Man in the Pink House 

We wish you could meet Gran Fre, who lives in Port Salut, Haiti.

His leathery skin and worn hands are a testament to a life of hard work lived to the fullest. These strong hands constructed his beautiful home, brick by brick, next to the ocean. This Caribbean pink home has white trim and a solid wood front door. On the wide front porch you find a pair of white chairs. It's easy to picture Gran Fre talking and laughing with neighbors each evening. You can tell that he is proud of his home and loves his community.

You would want to be his neighbor.


But in one night, he lost it all.

Last October, Hurricane Matthew tore through the Caribbean, with no mercy for southwestern Haiti. High winds, heavy rainfall, and deadly tides wiped out everything in it’s path: trees, homes, gardens, fields, and livestock.

And Gran Fre’s beautiful pink home…

Today, his front door swings open to a house of rubble. 

He lost everything he was proud of: his home along with keepsakes holding memories of lost loved ones. Gran Fre cried, “I may as well be dead; I’ve lost everything!” The shock of hopelessness has left him wondering if life is worth living. He’s searching for something - or someone - who can fix his pain.


You have something to offer him; a hope that he doesn’t have.

You have the hope in Jesus to give his life meaning and purpose again and the resources to help rebuild his home and his community. 

By putting a roof over Gran Fre’s head and helping his community rebuild, you are tangibly expressing God’s love to a community who has lost hope.

Will you give to extend hope and a helping hand

to Gran Fre and others like him?


Thank you to those of you who have chosen to give!  
The first 20 homes have started construction and hope is building for these families, as God's love is tangibly expressed to them.  You are not only rebuilding homes, you are rebuilding lives!  



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