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Why the urgency?
We asked for your opinion...
We shared a need and you responded
You are changing the world, one child at a time.
Ricardo's dream is to graduate from college so that he can support his mom and sisters.
It's time to spread their wings and fly...
When Gabriela made the decision to sponsor a child, she brought a unique perspective.
Your generosity leaves us humbled and amazed!
We shared a need and you have been a blessing
Have a great time when you volunteer with Lifeline
What you did for one has rippled to another...  
You're making an eternal difference
Bob & Gretchen's continued passion for God & His people are unwavering
It's not easy to ask for things...
Latest news from the ministry to the Navajo...
Use your skills to serve on the mission field
We're moving!
Put the Bible into action!
At 8 years old, Sandia's world came crashing down... 
How do you go from 0 to 300 in 3 years?  One person at a time...
Ladies, register today for our women's trips!
Learning the importance of "truth"
Wilbur returned to El Salvador 11 years later to discover a different story. 
Leah's heart was broken, but God had a plan