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They may have survived the storm but...
How you love your sponsored child!  
Naomi was unprepared for what God had in store!
Home: a simple word which evokes a lot of emotion...
Stories and updates for sponsors
Pack meals for hungry kids!
Make 2017 your year for an adventure...
Celebrating lives changed...
God invited you into His story...
What motivates them to succeed?
These dedicated students have graduated!
Sponsors: 2 important updates
Pray for Haiti each day at 4:18p
Please join us in prayer
You never know when Jesus will use you
Please join us in prayer
Gift photos, news & updates for sponsors
Gather around our meal pack table on Thanksgiving
How can you be a "rooter"?
In the midst of the devastation, what would you save?
Upcoming meal packing dates
Thank you for praying