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Weekly LIFE Circle email from January 29, 2015
Volunteer with Lifeline at the Home & Garden Show to share Lifeline's Homes ministry
Gift photos, news & notes for sponsors
Please join us in prayer for Bob & Elaine Angell
Navajo ministry update: looking back & moving forward
5 years later: remembering the earthquake that struck Haiti and celebrating the hope that ...
Each week, Lifeline prepares a brief email filled with a devotional thought, praises, pray...
Join our Men's Team to Haiti!
Gift photos, news & notes for sponsors of Haitian children
Lifeline's 2015 Haiti calendar is now available!
Sometimes, we look intently ahead and we forget to celebrate the ministry that has been ac...
Enjoy our Christmas video & blooper reel!
Gift photos and updates for the sponsors of Honduran children 
A note from Bob & Gretchen DeVoe
New education initiatives are taking students & teachers to higher ground!
Gift photos, news & notes for sponsors of Haitian children
You are transforming lives and restoring hope to thousands in Lifeline's ministries!&...
Join us as we praise God for this recent worship celebration that Brian Snyder, Lifel...
Following when God's gone ahead: Guatemala
Construction continues on the new Children's Home in Grand-Goave, Haiti!
Darwyn Sanchez, Lifeline's Director of Christian Schools in Honduras, shares some of the g...
rooted & established in love :: ephesians 3:17
A personal note from Gretchen, Lifeline's Co-Founder, who just returned to Haiti...  ...