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While the Buckeyes are away battling Penn State, we're taking over Ohio Stadium to battle ...
Serving the children in Honduras
rooted & established in love :: ephesians 3:17
Serving the children in Haiti
Each week, Lifeline prepares a brief email filled with a devotional thought, praises, pray...
Sponsor gift photos are now aviailable to view & download!
School is around the corner and you can help provide our students in Haiti with textbooks!...
End-of-summer events that benefit the children!
How you can serve the kids in Haiti & Honduras by serving in Ohio!
Since those first 6 homes were constructed in 2003, this ministry has grown beyond our ima...
 Annual men's team to Haiti
News, updates & gift photos for sponsors
 Celebrating Easter around the world
 Dear Friends, Here at Lifeline, we are still in awe of how God worked through the f...
News & notes for Lovelink child sponsors
The latest news & updates for Lifeline's ministry to the Navajo people
Benefit concert for Lifeline's Navajo ministry
Darwyn, Lifeline's Director of Schools in Honduras, shares this exciting update about form...
Carlos, Lifeline's Children's Home Director and Administrator in Honduras, shares this bea...
Gretchen, Lifeline's Co-Founder, shares her experience with us.
The fire is out!  
Urgent prayer request from Gretchen in Haiti  
Children from miles away are sending their love to you today!
Dear Friends, Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement relating to the 9 food cont...